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December 15-31, 2011

Comanche Trail Festival of Lights is open 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm nightly from December 15-31.

Big Spring's Comanche Trail Festival of Lights is celebrating 15 years of lighted splendor and has successfully earned for the community a distinctive reputation.  It has attracted regional and state attention for the superior artistic innovation shown throughout the lighted displays.  The Festival of Lights Committee has successfully integrated new ideas, and lighting exhibits into Big Spring's natural gift of topography.  This results in promoting Big Spring as a unique and appealing community as well as earning it the official titile of the "Lighted Poinsettia Capital" of Texas.


The Festival entrance is located off of South Highway 87 at the entrance to the Comanche Trail Park. From South Highway 87, can also be seen the large poinsettia display on the Comanche Trail Dam, along with lighted cactus, angels, stars and Big Spring's Christmas greeting to passing travelers.  If you are arriving in town via Interstate 20 from the East, the extended reflection of Big Spring can be seen on East Interstate 20, beneath the Water Tower, boasting three-fifty foot lighted poinsettias and a permanent billboard, proclaiming Big Spring as the "Lighted Poinsettia Capital" of Texas.  If you are arriving in town from the West, you will be greeted by a one-hundred-fifty foot "Giant" poinsettia, along with three-fifty foot poinsettias on the McMahon-Wrinkle Air Park grounds, as well as a lighted poinsettia display at the Air Park entrance.

The community itself shows pride in the title it has earned by many businesses and individual displaying the lighted poinsettias throughout the town.


2011 will be our 15th Anniversary !

With new displays added each year by the Festival of Lights Committee as well as individuals and businesses, the light count has gotten beyond knowing an exact number....with the best estimated count of 1.25 million.  In 2010, the Festival had over 20,000+ visitors to the display.  We hope to stretch our goal for 2011 to 25,000 visitors.  Please spread the Christmas cheer and let your friends and family know we are here so that they may enjoy the lights!

Donations given to the Comanche Trail Festival of Lights over the past fourteen years have been used to improve the electrical availability through out Comanche Trail Park.  These electrical structures will continue to benefit the community for many years to come by allowing varied and multiple use of the park for many functions.

Through out the park can be found displays of large and small lighted poinsettias, candy canes, and cactus as well as sporting scenes, Christmas scenes, the Settle Hotel, and an extended Patriotic section.  Different businesses, organizations, families, churches, clubs and schools have adopted spots through out the drive as well as the Commercial Christmas Card displays.